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I am committed to providing quality professional estates and trusts paralegal services to attorneys, CPA’s and fiduciaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia

ImageAbout Sonia Rustici

   Sonia Rustici is a former wealth management bank trust officer and estates and trusts paralegal. She has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in estate and trust law in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. She also has a law degree. 


Why Her Paralegal Background is So Important?

   During her tenure as an estates and trust paralegal, Ms. Rustici assisted many clients through the probate process in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Under the supervision of a licensed attorney, she would assist a probate attorney from the initial client interview to determine probate needs through the filing and approval of a final accounting if required. Ms. Rustici is able to  handle all stages of the probate administration process.


An Estate Planning Aspect

   A qualified probate attorney should also be an expert in estate planning. During her career as an estate and trust paralegal, Ms. Rustici worked closely with attorneys to draft estate planning documents. Ms. Rustici would regularly meet with estate planning clients to discuss their estate planning needs; review and discuss current documents; review assets and networth to identify tax issues; assist the attorney to determine estate planning needs; and draft documents. Once documents are completed and if trusts were prepared, Ms. Rustici would also work with the client to fund the trusts (a very important aspect of estate planning).

Why is Her Trust Officer Background so Important?

   As a bank trust officer, Ms. Rustici managed over one hundred (100) trust accounts where the bank served as the fiduciary. She has reviewed many trust documents to determine the bank’s role as fiduciary and the duties of the trustee and responsibilities to the beneficiaries. She handled all issues concerning beneficiaries such as managing regular distributions; bill payment; discretionary distribution requests, cash flow, etc. She was also responsible for management of trust real estate and tangible personal property; handled trust terminations; and prepared trust accountings. 

   As a trust officer, she worked closely with investment advisors to determine investment strategy and manage the investments of the trust. She gained valuable knowledge of the typesof investment vehicles used for a fiduciary and the importance of managing risk for the trust and beneficiaries.


Why is the law degree so important?

   Ms. Rustici has also has a law degree. She understands how government processes work and the legal and court systems. She knows the law of wills and trusts and responsibilities of a fiduciary. Many times, a fiduciary situation will overlap other areas of law such as torts.  This can occur when you are dealing with a wrongful death action. Her law degree helps her identify all the issues that may be involved to provide excellent quality service.