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I am committed to providing quality professional estates and trusts paralegal services to attorneys, CPA’s and fiduciaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia

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 Using an experience paralegal on a task by task basis can save a firm thousands of dollars each year in employment costs.




 High Costs of Hiring and Training a Permanent Full Time EmployeeImage

   It is extremely costly to hire and train a permanent full time employee. With the rising costs of health care, regulatory expenses; and taxes, an attorney must first “invest” in a new employee and then “hope” that they get a return on that investment. Why bear the risk and expense of hiring and training a permanent full time employee when you can hire a immediate experienced paralegal on a task by task basis. A professional experience paralegal can give your client the service and quality they deserve. 



Cost savings benefit of outsourcing to professionals

*Save thousands of dollars on employment costs while conserving valuable in house resources
*Avoid additional personnel or incurring temporary agency fees
*No time spent on training or supervising or overtime pay
*No holiday pay or salary increases
*No additional office space or equipment
*No employment taxes or workman’s compensation tax
*No health insurance costs
*No retirement plan or holiday pay costs

Immediate Professional Services
Giving Clients the Services that They Deserve



Detailed time sheets are provided on a monthly basis so that the attorney knows exactly how the work is being processed. This is an effective way to pass costs on to the client.