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I am committed to providing quality professional estates and trusts paralegal services to attorneys, CPA’s and fiduciaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia

Estates and Trusts Services Provided


ImageAnalysis to determine probate needs

Prepare pleadings to initiate probate process in VA, DC and MD 

Prepare and file inventory for estates, trusts and conservatorships

Obtain entity Federal tax identification number

Complete and file IRS forms

Identify debts and provide notice to creditors

Identify and marshal assets of estate, trust or conservatorship

Prepare real estate for sale including supervising inventory of tangible personal property, disposal and clean out

Prepare accountings for estates, trusts and conservatorships

Respond to commissioner audits of filed inventories and accountings and correct errors to inventories and accountings

Prepare fiduciary tax returns (decedent’s final 1040, fiduciary 1041 and estate (Maryland, DC and Federal 706) 

Initiate debts and demands proceedings (Virginia)

Marshal foreign estate assets

Assist client to close estate administration

Meet with clients to sign estate planning documents

Meet with clients to discuss funding of trusts and assist client to fund trusts

Assist trustees in administration of trusts